List of products by brand Brasserie Thiriez

The Thiriez brewery is a family but also a great team

completely hopped by 5 people. We brew every year

just over 2,000 hectoliters. For us what matters most is the

choice of quality ingredients, time to do it right, respect

traditional methods. Our beers are all unfiltered, no

pasteurized and re-fermented in the bottle. Because from experience we

know that this is all that makes the chemistry of an authentic beer and


For your greatest happiness but also ours!

We are also northerners attached to certain values:

hospitality and openness to others. That’s why every year we

brew beers in collaboration with other brewers

of different universe. These special brews are available in our

shop open all week. Beer is also synonymous with

sharing and conviviality. The brewery team is pleased to do

discover its know-how during a guided visit.

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